Allison Caetano
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Allison Caetano

   Allison Caetano - Stuntwoman

Ht: 5' 1"    Wt: 105
Hair: Blonde    Eyes: Blue
Bill's Service (818) 753-3400

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Stunt Double: Dakota Fanning, MyAna Buring Jeff Imada, John Koyama
Scream 4 Stunt Double: Emma Roberts Troy Brown
Water for Elephants Stunt Double: Reese Witherspoon Chris O’hara
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides ND Stunts George Ruge
Inception Stunt Double: Ellen Page Tom Struthers
You Again Stunt Double: Kristen Bell Scott Rodgers
Couples Retreat Stunt Double: Kristen Bell Daniel F. Malone
Pulse Stunt Double: Kristen Bell Hiro Koda
Serious Moonlight Stunt Double: Kristen Bell Mikal Kartvedt
Finding Amanda Stunt Double: Brittany Snow Bobby C. King
Halloween Stunt Double: Daeg Faerch Rawn Hutchinson
Feast ND Stunts Hiro Koda
The Poseidon Adventure ND Stunts Doug Coleman
Christmas Without a Santa Claus ND Stunts Hiro Koda
Sleepover Stunt Double: Tyler Scott Compton Charlie Croughwell
Final Sale ND Stunts Kevin Scott
House of the Dead 2 Character Part Danny Wayne
Yours, Mine, and Ours ND Stunts Ernie Orsatti
Black Christmas (promo) Character Part Jake Crawford
No Place Like Home Stunt Double: Brie Larson Bobby C. King
House Bunny Stunt Double: Kimberly Makkouk Paul Eliopoulos
Because I Said So Character Part Hiro Koda
Fired Up ND Stunts Gary Baxley

NCIS ND Stunts Troy Brown
Make It Or Break It (Mult.) Character Part: Courtney Greg Barnett
Standoff Character Part Carrick O'Quinn
Nip/Tuck Character Part Spike Silver
Weeds Stunt Double Gary Baxley
Scrubs ND Stunts Ernie Orsatti
Invasion ND Stunts John Branagan
Judging Amy ND Stunts Ernie Orsatti
Lion's Den ND Stunts Jeff Cadiente
The Complex ND Stunts Gary Baxley
Clubhouse Stunt Double: Andrew Michaelson Gary Baxley
Arrested Development Character Part Gary Baxley
Veronica Mars Stunt Double: Kristen Bell, Amanda Seyfried Denny Pierce
CSI: Las Vegas Character Part John Epstein
CSI: New York Stunt Double Norman Howell
Charmed Stunt Double: Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano Noon Orsatti
Zack & Cody Character Part Chris Doyle
Hannah Montana Stunt Double: Emily Osment Chris Doyle
State of Mind Stunt Double: Natasha Gregson Wagner Noon Orsatti
Heroes Stunt Double: Kristen Bell Scott Wilder
Heroes (promo) Stunt Double: Hayden Panettiere Gary Baxley
Moonlight Stunt Double: Vanessa Lengies Noon Orsatti
Moonlight Stunt Double: Ksenia Solo Jimmy Romano
Without a Trace Stunt Double: Haley Ramm Don Ruffin
Simple Plan (music video) Character Part Mike Smith
Avril Lavigne (music video) Stunt Double: Avril Lavigne Spiro Razatos, Andy Gill

Velveeta 'Blown Away' Principle Rene Mousseux
Verizon Stunt Double: Kendra Cover Eddie Braun
Dell Computers Character Part Shawn Graham
Toys 'R Us Character Part
Powerade Character Part Eddie Braun

  • Performance Skills: Martial Arts, Dancing, Improvisation, Stunts
  • Athletic Skills: Soccer, Aerobics, Boxing, Track & Field, Surfing, Football, Martial Arts, Rollerblading, Baseball, Gymnastics, Swimming, Cycling, Basketball, Tennis, Golf
  • Dance: Ballet, Disco, Line, Tango, Salsa, Ballroom, Club/Freestyle, Swing, Waltz