Jade Quon

Jade Quon

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Jade Quon - Stuntwoman

Height: 4' 11"         Hair: Dark Brown
Weight: 98 lbs.      Eyes: Brown
Service: (818) 769-1777

(*Multiple Episodes)

Growing Up Fisher Dbl Lance Lim Brett Jones
Tomorrowland Dbl Raffey Cassidy Rob Alonzo/ Joey Box
Haunted Hathaways* Dbl TBreanna Yde Mike Owen
Hunger Games: Catching Fire Stunts Chad Stahelski/ Sam Hargrave
Teen Wolf Stunts Brycen Counts
The Client List Dbl TV Carpio Mark Riccardi
Iron Man 3 Stunts Markos Rounthwaite/ Jeff Habberstad
Her Stunts Scott Rogers
Elderscrolls (Video Game) Stunts Philip Silvera
Overstrike (Video Game) Stunts Insomniac Games
NCIS Los Angeles Dbl Linda Hunt Troy Brown
Battleship ND Stunts Kevin Scott
Hunger Games Dbl Isabelle Fuhrman Chad Stahelski/ Alan Poppleton
Safe Dbl Katherine Zhao Chad Stahelski/ JJ Perry
Star Wars: The Old Republic (Video Game) Stunts (Motion Capture) Philip Silvera
Transformers 3 Utility Stunts Kenny Bates
Kickin' It Dbl Leo Howard Reuben Langdon
Just Go With It Dbl Bailee Madison Scott Rogers
Scooby Doo 4 ND Stunts Eddie Watkins
Battle Los Angeles Dbl: Jadin Gould Joey Box
The Last Airbender Dbl Noah Ringer (Aang) Jeff Habberstad
The Phone ND Stunts Mike Li
Numb3rs* ND Stunts PeeWee Piemonte
Dollhouse* Dbl Angel Desai Mike Massa
Reno 911 Featured Stunts Steve Hart
The Hangover Stunt Tiger Darrin Prescott
Sarah Conner Chronicles Dbl Stephanie Jacobsen Joel Kramer
Merry Christmas Drake & Josh Dbl Cosette Goldstein Vince Deadrick Jr.
Lollypops Lolly Ron Yuan
iCarly Dbl Ally Matsumura Vince Deadrick Jr.
The Pacific Utility Stunts Charlie Croughwell
Evolution (Mo-Cap) Lucy Noel Vega
Switches "Drama Queen" Featured Stunts Tony Snegoff
Resident Evil 5 (Video Game) Dbl Jill Valentine Reuben Langdon
Scooby Doo 4
ND Stunts
Eddie Watkins
Star Trek
ND Stunts
Joey Box
Pink Panther 2
Stunt Double
Ernie Orsatti
Step Brothers
ND Stunts
John Robotham
Stunt Coach
Scott Wilder
The Girl from the Naked Eye
Featured Stunts
Ron Yuan
When the Cobra Strikes
Reuben Langdon
The Macabre World of Lavender Williams
Stunts/ Stunt Safety
Brett Culpepper
Bratz: The Movie
Dbl Janel Parrish
Mike Long
Where the Wild Things Are
Stunt Alexander
Darrin Prescott
Hannah Montana "Good Golly Miss Dolly"
Dbl Dolly Parton
Chris Doyle
Numb3rs "Undercurrents"
Utility Stunts
Mike Gaines
Suite Life of Zack & Cody *
Dbl Brenda Song
Chris Doyle
Hannah Montana *
Featured Stunts
Chris Doyle
Motion Capture (Crack Creative)
Featured Stunts
Reuben Langdon
Devil's Den
Featured Stunts
Mitch Gould
Motion Capture (Test)
Featured Stunts
Reuben Langdon
Secrets of the Black Box
Featured Stunts
Scott Blackwood
Demon Hunter
Dbl Lea Moreno
Mitch Gould
One on One (UPN)
Featured Stunts
Larry Rosenthal
Utility Stunts
Joel Kramer
Wasabi Tuna
Featured Stunts
Lou Simon
Meet the Changs (Pilot)
Dbl Nia Peeples & Lauren Tom
Andy Cheng
Men In Black II
Featured Stunts
Charlie Croughwell
Not Another Teen Movie
Featured Stunts
Eddie Yansick

Suntory Beer
Dbl Lucy Liu
Al Goto<
Toyota Corolla (Industrial)
Featured Stunts
Brad McCabe
Coca Cola Featured Dancer
Dodge Stunts Wade Eastwood

Motion Picture Driving Clinic Super Level I (Rick Seaman)
WIF Stunt Clinic (2003) High Falls,
Ratchets, Air Rams, Horse Falls
Gymnastics CA Sports Center & West Coast Academy
Dance (Various) U.C. Irvine Dance Dept. & Broadway Dance Center
Tae Kwon Do West Coast Tae Kwon Do

Brenda Song, Janel Parrish, Nia Peeples, Lucy Liu, Lauren Tom, TV Carpio, Linda Hunt, Isabelle Fuhrman, Katherine Zhao, Bailee Madison, Jack Metzger, Leo Howard

Breakdancing Ex-Competitive Gymnast Fights/ Stage Combat
Air Rams Ratchets Mini Tramp
Small Firearm Control Wire-Work Costume-Work
Reactions Falls Compound Bow