In 2002 Darlene Ava Williams and Gloria O'brien Fontenot thought of forming a new vehicle to promote themselves and other stuntwomen in the industry. Their idea was to form a self sufficient PR organization that would fit the lifestyle of stuntwomen who are wives, mothers and busy professionals. They realized that a collection of women could achieve more by pooling their resources than as individual stuntwomen.

As the idea developed they approached Christie Abercrombie, Tabby Graham, and Alisa Hensley who joined the newly forming group. They wanted to create a diverse collection of highly skilled professional stuntwomen. All were on board when Jane Oshita, Caryn Mower, and Angela Meryl joined next.

The association was formed but needed a name. The title V-10 Stunts was an ode to friend and co-worker Joni Avery. Her on the set motto being a central theme of the group's belief that women working together can accomplish anything. All women in the group were equal and powerful assets, similar to a V-10 engine.

The group gained momentum as Michelle Sebek and Bevin Kaye joined, followed shortly by Liisa Cohen, Boni Yanagisawa, and Dana Reed.

In 2004 V-10 was honored to add Joni Avery and Sandy Justus to their membership and in 2005 Bridget Riley was welcomed as the group's newest member.

In 2008 the group brought in the talents of Jade Quon and Anna Mercedes Morris, followed by Allison Caetano and Sabine Varnes in July of 2010.

Stuntwoman Marie Fink joined the membership of V-10 in 2012 and Natalie Padilla in 2014.

Kara Peterson and Lauren Mary Kim both joined V-10 in July of 2017, rounding out our selective and elite team of professional stuntwomen.