Taurus World Stunt Awards 1066

Natalie Padilla wins at Taurus World Stunt Awards!

Best Overall Stunt for a Stunt Woman

V10's own Natalie Padilla was part of the team awarded Best Overall Stunt for a Stunt Woman at The Taurus World Stunt Awards.

A description of the scene that one: An all-female army battles German military on a beach. The female army enters on horses and use bow and arrows, spears, and knives against German guns. The sequence features fight choreography, wire work, saddle falls, and horse falls.

Natalie shared some thoughts on the evening:

"Working on Wonder Woman was a great honor. There were so many amazing memories I took home with me from that show.

First off, we got to work in London and Italy. It was a very unique experience working and living in these countries for a couple months. I enjoyed every minute of exploring, working and bonding with the team.

This show was definitely not easy which made it rewarding in the end. The hours were long and the training days were filled with sword fighting, fight training, previs, concept building and crossfit workouts with Gym Jones. They had us do cross training along with our stunt work to build muscle and build a look for the amazon characters. They were very challenging workouts but the women on this core team really bonded through the hard days. We all had to put in a ton of work and each woman was there for each other every step of the way. It was very gratifying to see all the hard work pay off in the final product.

We had 5 stuntwomen on the core team and in Italy we had 25 stuntwomen total who came from all sorts of different backgrounds. It was amazing to be surrounded by so many talented women on one show. I feel like that will never happen again but I sure hope it does.

We were truly honored to win a Taurus Award for our big Beach Battle scene. There were so many days, weeks, hours that went into this scene. There was also so much collaboration by the bosses, all the stunt performers, tons of camera tests and wire gag testings to make this scene and the movie what it was. Grateful to recognized by our Stunt Peers."

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