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Joni Avery
Alisa Lane Sandy Justus

Bevin Kaye Angela Meryl Anna Morris Caryn Mower Jane Oshita Jade Quon

Dana Reed Bridgett Riley Michelle Sebek Sabine Varnes
Darlene Ava
Boni Yanagisawa

The stuntwomen of V10 Stunts have appeared in innumerable movie classics, TV shows and are working on major action blockbusters set for release this year.

Keep an eye on the V10 Stuntwomen -
They're going places
(like straight down the side of a twenty-story building near you)...
V10 Stunts - television and movie stuntwomen...
Stunt doubles with resumes, photos and headshots - ready for action... The women of V10Stunts are Stunt Doubles, Stunt Performers and/or Stunt Coordinators

Please note IMBD descriptions describing the differences among the terms "Double" - "Stunt Double" and "Body Double":

DOUBLE -- An actor who stands in for another actor in certain scenes, some of which may involve dangerous circumstances or require special skills (e.g. a stunt double).

STUNT DOUBLE -- A stunt performer who specifically takes the part of another actor for a stunt. Stunt doubles rarely (if ever) speak, are typically chosen to resemble the actor that they are replacing as much as possible. Contrast with body double and stand-in.

BODY DOUBLE -- For some shots, a director may consider that a particular actor's body may not be suitable for the impression desired. In these situations, the actor is "doubled" (replaced) by a person whose body is more suitible. Typically, body doubles are used for shots requiring nudity or depictions of physical fitness. Contrast with stunt double

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