Stunt Woman Falls off Rearing White Horse

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Alisa - Rears white horse on Chuck and falls off back
Chuck Versus the Masquerade

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Stunt Woman Falls from Horse

Horse rearing closeup

Stunt - Falling From Rearing Horse

Rearing white horse Alisa hits the ground

Rearing White Horse - Alisa Hensley Stunt Woman Falling Still Photo Sequence

Alisa Hensley, Hollywood stuntwoman and stunt double, performs by rearing a white horse while riding English style. In this photo Alisa, riding English, rears a white horse for the TV show Chuck - and falls from the rear of the horse while doubling Yvonne. Stuntwoman takes a fall for her actress... AKA: Alisa Lane, Hensley Lane, Alyssa, Lisa, Alissa 5.11 5' 11' almost 6 ft tall, 5 ft 11 in., 5 11 inch, 130 lb. tall, thin, blonde athlete ---
Yvonne's Stunt Double falls off white horse - Episode: Chuck Versus the Masquerade

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