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Alisa Rearing White Horse for Chuck TV Show

Rearing White Horse - Alisa Hensley English Equestrian Stuntwoman Photo

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Alisa Hensley, Hollywood stuntwoman and stunt double, performs by rearing a white horse while riding English style. In this photo Alisa, riding English, rears a white horse for the TV show Chuck - preparing to fall off the rear of the horse as part of the plot line. Stuntwomen perform as equestrian riders for dressage, hunter jumper class - English saddle, tack, boots and helmet as stunt horse back rider. Equestrian skills are among the many athletic skills required for stuntwomen for use in television fights and movies (Charlies' Angels, Terminator, Green Lantern and TV shows (such as "Chuck"). AKA: Alisa Lane, Hensley Lane, Alyssa, Lisa

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