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Stunt FAQs

1. What is "V10 Women Stunt Professionals"?

V10 Women Stunt Professionals is an association of individuals who work as full time stunt women. We are not a union or a school.

2. How do I go about getting into stunt work?

As far as a career in stunts. We would recommend first to start training in anything from gymnastics, motorcycles, martial arts and any sports.

3. Is V10 Women Stunt Professionals a school or do you provide training of any kind?

V10 Women Stunt Professionals is not a school, nor does it endorse any schools.

4. Where can I get the necessary training and what kind of training do I need to become a stunt performer?

Training to become a stunt performer can be found at martial arts classes, gymnastics classes, rock climbing, motorcycle riding, driving courses, any sport you can think of, etc.

5. How can I become a member?

V10 Women Stunt Professionals does not accept applications for membership. Membership is by invitation only and is based on the history of a stunt performer.

6. Who hires stunt performers?

Stunt performers are hired by stunt coordinators based on their experience.

7. What Union do Stunt Performers belong to?

Stunt performers belong to the Screen Actors Guild.

8. How do I get into the Union?

This would be best answered by the Screen Actors Guild.

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